Our team


CRISTIAN IACOB, Executive Director

Cristi, husband and father, trained as an economist by graduating the Faculty of Accountancy and Management Information Systems at the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE). 
He started his career with an insurance company and this field attracted him instantly, because of the psychological comfort which comes from the financial protection brought by the indemnity paid by insurers.
He learnt from his colleagues the significance and usefulness of insurance for all people, and, nowadays, he does not only enjoy to do his job, but he is a real support to the team and also to his friends and acquaintances, who need details and explanations related to all types of insurance.
Having learnt about the usefulness and benefits that insurance has for each of us, he wishes that the perception of the entire industry is changed in Romania and to see on television informative and educational news reports and shows.


ANGELINA ENACHE, Account Manager

Graduate of the Philology Faculty of Hiperion University, Angelina has built her career in insurance and she has been for more than 7 years a member of the RBAR team.
She believes that insurance brokerage is a very active profession, keeping you always interested due to the diversity of clients’ business and of people you meet, the varied insurance needs, as well as the analysis necessary for each client and the negotiations with insurers. 
She enjoys the fact that there is always something new to learn and, although she has been in this field for quite some years, there are still issues she wants to deepen.
Although she is dealing with all types of insurance, her specialty is Employee Benefits and Property insurance. She likes her job due to the fact that she can help the people and the businesses they develop by identifying the insurance solutions they need.
She’d like to have more time for reading and sport, and she enjoys all spare moments together with her two children, family and loved ones. 


ANDREEA SACUIU, Account Manager

Andreea has built her career in insurance after graduating from the Management & Marketing Faculty at Artifex University - Bucharest. She continued her studies at the Faculty of Commerce from the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE), graduating the Master in Business.
She believes that the final scope of insurance is to financially support people in difficult moments. She concurrently wishes that people trust more the benefits offered by the insurance products and insurance solutions they offer.
Although she has recently joined the Raiffeisen team, Andreea has already an expertise of more than 7 years in the insurance field. Being an unembarrassed, ambitious and hard-working person, she immediately adapted to the new team.
In her spare time, she likes to read. The last book she gladly recalls belongs to the author Haruki Murakami – “1Q84”, but she enjoys to the same extent to cook for friends and travel, using any opportunity to add more hats to her collection.



Ruxandra is one of the members with the longest seniority of the RBAR team, starting her career also in the insurance field, but with an insurance company immediately after graduating the Faculty of Finance & Banking of the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) Bucharest.
The insurance products under continuous transformation and improvement do not have many secrets left for Ruxandra and precisely this continuous change, the alert rhythm and the permanent “fight” to get new contracts and clients on an extremely competitive market with many players is what she is professionally interested in.
As the mother of two children, she dedicates her entire time to the little ones, when she is not on the insurance “battlefield”.


DANA DANO, Account Manager

Dana started her career in an insurance company, being a graduate of the Faculty of Finance & Banking from the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE).
In her job as a broker, she likes most the fact that she does not do mechanical and repetitive actions, as for each insured client she performs an analysis that differs on a case-to-case basis and which depends upon creating the best insurance solution, precisely tailored to the needs and nature of each insured.
In comparison to the beginning of her career in the beginning of the years 2000, Dana currently notices a more intense competition on the insurance market. This determines ever longer and more complex negotiations regarding the insurance products, but so much more satisfactory, when she manages to win a client and its trust.
She would very much like to travel to countries, such as Jamaica, Cuba, the Dominican Republic and she has already been to destinations, such as Las Vegas and Los Angeles.



Alexandra, graduate of the Faculty of Finance & Banking at the Spiru Haret University, is a fair, honest person and especially keen to learn new things. She started her career in insurance with an administrative job and now she is one of the main specialists of the Raiffeisen team.
Her desire to learn new things, her creativity and perseverance help her also play a special role in the team – that of coordinating the marketing and communication activities of RBAR.
In her spare time, Alexandra likes to read and meet friends.


OANA ZANFIR, Account Executive

Oana started her career at RBAR. She is one of the members with the longest seniority of the RBAR team which she joined immediately after graduating the Academy of Political and Administrative Studies (SNSPA).
As a professional in insurance, but also as a mother, Oana considers that we have a big responsibility for ourselves and for the beloved ones, and that people should understand the significance of insurance in dealing with the risks which we face in everyday life.
Whenever she can afford it, Oana likes to travel together with her husband and little girl, being concurrently a great amateur of tennis, football and handball - which she practiced for 8 years. 


ROXANA BEJENARU, Account Executive

Immediately after graduating the Faculty of Finance & Banking at the Romanian-American University, Roxana started her career at RBAR and today she is one of the brokers for which the Casco and Property insurance have not much secrets.
Given the diversity of clients’ requirements and insurance solutions she has to find for them, Roxana does not know what it means to have a boring day. In her spare time she likes to go to the theatre or relax in the “company” of a book, having among her preferred volumes “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”, by Robin Sharma.
She considers that the Romanian Insurance Market is still on the way to mature and to make the public aware of the insurance necessity, but as long as the services and products offered by the specialized companies are at high standards, she believes that the full development of the insurance industry is only a matter of time.



Constantin Cojocaru, Costi as his colleagues call him, is a graduate of the Management Faculty at ASE Bucharest and one of the team members with the longest seniority. He started his career in the call centre of a telecommunication operator, but subsequently had the opportunity to be part of the RBAR team, where he easily learnt the “secrets” insurance and specialized in claims assistance.
He sees himself retiring from the insurance field, a field that is vital for the modern society, but which can be improved both in view of the legislation and educating of Romanians.
In his spare time, Costi likes to visit the country together with his wife and, more recently, with his daughter, being impressed by the area of Ardeal, and especially the city of Sibiu.


ADRIANA ALEXANDRU, Account Executive

Adriana is a graduate of the Faculty of Management of ASE Bucharest and has a Master degree in HR Management from the same Academy.
Before being an insurance broker she believed that such was a dull and repetitive field. She understood quickly that new and varied issues occur daily, which not only make the activity a very interesting one, but it also brings a lot of satisfactions when the client declares it is delighted by the services offered by Adriana, as a part of RBAR team.
The job of a broker suits her marvellously because she is a sociable nature, easily interacting with people. In her spare time, she enjoys the new movies at the cinema or she goes either to the gym or to jog in the park.


VALENTINA VASILE, Account Executive

The profession of an insurance broker is learnt on the job by Valentina, the yougest member of the team. Valentina is a graduate of the Economic Engineering Department of Polytechnic University from Bucharest, and she is currently a student of the Master courses at the same University.
The diversity of insurance types does not scare her, but on the contrary, motivates her daily because she enjoys also the support and expertise of her colleagues.
In her spare time, Valentina prefers to go to the mountains, being a great fan of hiking.