Beware of pre-existing damages when you conclude a Casco policy!


It is good to know that, before concluding a Casco policy, the insurer always verifies the vehicle to be insured. The scope is to find out what the condition of the vehicle is at the beginning of the insurance. This verification is called risk inspection.
During the risk inspection, if the representative of the insurance company discovers that the vehicle has already some damages, he shall record such in the inspection report of the vehicle, a report that will be part of the Casco insurance policy.
It is very important to be aware that the insurer does not pay indemnities for pre-existing damages, i.e. for the damages assessed during the risk inspection. This is usually stipulated in the insurance terms that are part of the Casco insurance contract: "Are not covered by insurance and not to be indemnified any damages to the component parts of the vehicle already existing at the time of policy inception and mentioned in the inspection report thereof".
We recommend to repair your car at your own expense, before concluding the Casco insurance policy.