Neither MTPL nor Casco indemnify you, if you drink and drive!


It can happen to go out by car and consider that 1-2 beers do no matter. Out of convenience, we leave the house by car and we might cause an accident, in which we damage not only our own car, but also such of another participant in the traffic.
In such cases, if the amicable resolution of the accident is not possible, the involvement of the Police means the collection of biological samples and the precise determination of the blood alcohol content at the moment when the accident occurred.
Law no. 136/1995 stipulates the fact that the insurer recovers the indemnity amounts paid for damages from the person liable for the occurrence of the damage if "the accident occurred during the committal of deeds incriminated by the legal provisions on driving on public roads as offences committed intentionally, even if such deeds did not occur on such roads or during other offences committed intentionally". In other words, our MTPL insurer   shall indemnify the prejudiced person, whose car we damaged, but it will subsequently sue us to recover the paid indemnity. As a consequence, on the renewal of the MTPL policy, the insurance premium shall be increased further to the damage we caused.
If we drink and drive, we are compelled to give money out of our own pocket to remedy the damages caused to our own vehicle. Insurers writing Casco policies do not pay indemnities in such cases and clearly stipulate this in the chapter “Exclusions” of the Casco insurance terms. The same  exclusion shall be also applied if the driver is under the influence of hallucinogenic substances.