Useful information when concluding a life insurance policy


Having reliable information is essential when you are about to purchase a life insurance policy. It is advisable to apply to specialized consultancy of an insurance broker, who will help you understand how the product is functioning and what are your best options.
1. First of all, you have to clarify what your insurance needs are, given the fact that the main benefit of a life insurance is providing the family with financial means in case of a sudden or premature death of the insured person.
2. You have to concurrently establish what weigh your income has in the total income of the family, how many persons are financially depending on you and of what financial means your family disposes of to pay the expenses generated by a possible death, as well as the unpaid debts remaining oh their shoulders.
3. Once established the insurance needs, it is advisable to compare varied types of life policies in order to see what suits you best. Generally speaking, there are three main types of life insurance: term life insurance, endowment insurance and Unit-Linked.
4. It is wise and concurrently necessary that a life insurance program should be revised on a periodic basis, every couple of years. There are several reasons for this revision. For example, in periods with high inflation, it is advisable to increase the amount insured under the policy, in order to compensate price increases. The same is advisable when the number of persons in your family increases.
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