What to do in case of a inundation?


Although inundation is one of the most unpleasant situation to be in as tenants or owners of dwellings, it is essential to be informed and so to be able to take the best actions.
In such cases, a household insurance policy proves its value and usefulness of which one cannot be aware when everything is fine and well.
It is good to know that the Mandatory Household Insurance Policy, PAD, indemnifies damages to buildings caused by floods resulting only from natural phenomena and not those related to water-pipe damages and not for the goods in your home (furniture, household appliances etc.). Such have to be separately insured under a facultative household policy.
Furthermore, we might also encounter the risk of inundation from neighbours or cause such damages to others. In this case, we are liable to pay for the damages we caused to others. In order to protect our “pocket”, it is advisable to cover under the facultative Household Insurance also the civil liability. In this way, the insurer will be the one to cover the damages and indemnify the neighbour we flooded.
Back to the case in which we are the ones inundated, the first step is to contact our insurer as quickly as possible to inform about the event. Then it is necessary to make a list of damages to the building and and goods and take pictures showing the damage. Try to protect as much as possible the furniture and other goods from the contact with the water. We recommend that you do not touch any electricity source while staying in the water. If you live in a house with a yard and the flood occurred due to natural causes, the event is also covered by the PAD policy.The water from the house can be drained by using a pump with a generator. The generator has to be installed in open space, as it produces carbon monoxide, a toxic substance that can kill. The pumping operation should be started only when the outdoor water level is lower than the one inside the dwelling.
Last but not least, choose carefully the company which will execute the necessary repairs. Make sure it has staff with expertise for such cases. Request an estimate of the repair works, because this is how you can evaluate whether it is not cheaper to fully replace certain damaged elements instead of repairing them.